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Members of the Hale Shule are there to support each other through difficult times as well as for celebrations. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who have committed themselves to performing chesed shel emet - the holy tasks of caring for members of our community on their final journey to their resting place. Barry and Linda Price coordinate whatever arrangements are necessary when they are informed of a bereavement, and every practical detail is taken care of for our members by our members, in a dignified and sympathetic manner.

In view of the above, Hale Shule is only able to offer its burial scheme to members of the congregation.

Hale Shule Cemetery
Members of the Hale Shule who pay annual burial fees are automatically part of our independent burial scheme, entitling them to rest eventually (at the age of 120, we hope) in the Hale Bet Olam (cemetery) in Dunham-Massey. The magnificent Ohel (prayer hall) was constructed in 1997  and dedicated by the Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks.

Plan your router to the Cemetery in Dunham-Massey

Shiva Arrangements
The Chevra Kadisha team will coordinate with the Shule office and the Chesed team to make arrangements to help any Hale Shule member who is sitting Shiva (mourning) for a close relative. Low chairs and copies of our special prayer books can be provided for services held in a local house of mourning, for which prayer services, meals for mourners and other necessities can also be arranged. Rabbi Portnoy can be contacted with questions about relevant Jewish legal requirements, and he and Ruthie will endeavour to provide whatever pastoral care and counselling support is needed.