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Baby Essentials

Baby essentialsWhen one of our members notifies the Shule office about a new baby, the community swings into action to welcome the new arrival and support the family in every way we can. Our Chesed team organises evening & Shabbat meals for families for up two weeks after a birth.

The Hale Shule has also created a beautifully illustrated Certificate of Naming for presentation to member families on the birth of their new baby.

Shalom Zachor
It is traditional to welcome a baby boy with a Shalom Zachor party on the first Friday night after his birth. The Rabbi and members of the community will come to your home to give you good wishes – our special way of welcoming a new baby to the community. The Hale Shalom Zachor coordinator will take all the hassle out of arranging this by bringing a complete party package of kosher food to your home, together with an explanatory leaflet which can even be personalised with your baby’s photo.

Baby Naming
Baby girls are usually named on first available Shabbat, or at a weekday morning service if you prefer. The father will be called to the reading of the Torah so that the name of the baby can be announced formally to the community, which sparks off singing and dancing to wish the whole family Mazal Tov.

Brit MilahBrit Milah
Rabbi Portnoy is usually available to members of the South Manchester community to perform circumcisions, but a list of other local Mohelim is also available from the Initiation Society (http://www.initiationsociety.org.uk/).  The Brit ceremony and celebratory meal can be held in the Shule or at home, and the Rabbi will be happy to help you make the necessary arrangements for either option.

Pidyon HaBenPidyon Haben
In certain circumstances, a third ceremony take place to welcome a firstborn son, and the Rabbi should be consulted as to whether this ceremony and party is applicable. We can help you to make all the arrangements for a Pidyon HaBen, and ensure that this special celebration is understood and enjoyed by everyone.