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Victor Miller - Founding President - shows the late Lord  Jakobovitz a model of the first Shule building

Left to right: Joe Rich,Henry Braverman, Rabbi David Hickson,
John Blaskey, Rabbi Rabinowitz,
Philip Taylor, Joe Dwek, seated Victor Miller and the late Lord Jakobovitz

The Hale & District Hebrew Congregation was born at a Rosh Hashanah dinner in 1976 when a group of brave pioneers decided to try and start a synagogue in their area. One family offered the use of an empty flat in Delahays Road and the others gathered the necessary equipment and furniture to hold the first service on 6th November, attended by 60 people. A Sepher Torah was loaned by Stenecourt Synagogue and other Manchester communities provided support in different ways.

Increasing attendance, including large numbers of children, inspired the founders to find larger premises at the Bowdon Jubilee Rooms until the current site in Shay Lane was purchased in April 1978.

The first Rabbi was Rabbi Eliezer Simcha Rabinowitz ZL, who was persuaded to come out of retirement to become part-time minister of the new community. Reverend (later Rabbi) Leonard Tann ZLtook over in 1981 until the appointment of Rabbi Joel Portnoy in 1987.

The original Shule and Community Centre building in Hale served its members well for 20 years until the community outgrew its facilities. In 2002, an ambitious rebuilding project was launched, forcing the congregation to hold its services in a tent in a neighbouring field for 16 months, until the new Hale Shule and P.J. Davis Community Centre was consecrated and opened in March 2003.

The congregation has also established its own Bet Olam / cemetery and prayer hall in Dunham, a chevra kadisha team, and kosher banqueting facility the Pearl Suite.