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Social Activities

SocialHale prides itself on having a mix of organised social events combined with a very open community all of whom interact during Shabbat and the Chaggim. 

Visitors are welcomed and whenever there is a new face, they will be inundated with offers of a Friday night meal or Shabbat lunch.  You will regularly find Hale's wandering Jews going from house to house as they enjoy each other's hospitality.

The Hale Fun committee organises events including Barbecues, Car Rallies and Film Nights all of which are focussed on fun for all ages.  The annual Supper Quiz, a fixture in the diary, has both young and old competing for first prize and avoiding the Golden Bagel for last place! 

Details of forthcoming events can be found here.

For information about Youth Activities, click here.

At the Rabbi’s Table

On Shabbat and festivals, members of the community can be seen beating a path to the door of Rabbi Portnoy and his family. Ruthie’s weekly Shabbat hospitality is legendary, and she tries to invite the whole community during the year, helping to make everyone feel like one large extended family.

Stretching the walls of their home, and spilling into the garden when weather permits, the Summer Seudah Season turns Shabbat afternoons into a family social experience for a number of weeks throughout the summer. Cocktails are served before the traditional family supper, accompanied by singing and learned discourse from the Rabbi, while the children are amused with games until nightfall, when Shabbat draws to a close with the musical and mystical Havdala ceremony, which often continues with singing late into the night.

The ‘party of the year’ in Hale is probably the Portnoys’ Succot Simchat Beit HaShoeva bash – think music, food, more music and more food! Purim celebrations involve even more ‘spirited’ entertaining; it is hard to find anyone who can recall exactly what goes on at the Rabbi’s Purim Seuda, but it is certainly spiritual!