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Ladies Guild

Ladies GuildThe prime objective of the ladies guild is to run social and cultural events, and support Hale shule and work alongside the Executive and Council.  It is open to anyone and everyone of any age.

The Ladies Guild has changed considerably, and we are trying to create a new and vibrant outlook, and dispel many of the myths that people have of a traditional Ladies Guild

People often have a fairly clear definition in their mind when they think about the Ladies Guild, and usually it is an observation from the dim and distant past of a fairly “ old fashioned “ group of women, performing tedious tasks. 

Hale Ladies Guild could not be further than that vision. We are a modern group of women, trying to fit in helping the Shule alongside bringing up our children, looking after grandchildren, forging careers, as well as a myriad of other jobs, domestic or otherwise.

We try to make each event successful, but also realise the time commitments that all of us face, so that we can accomplish our tasks with the minimum of fuss and labour.

This is the face of modern Judaism, and does not diminish in any way from our religious observance or spirituality.

We need help to make this happen, as the saying goes ‘many hands make light work’. It is extremely rewarding, to work as part of a team, in producing an event, and  be part of that success and enjoyment. It is also a great way of meeting  new people, and  we  promise we will not pounce on any new member who attends a meeting, and badger them into a life time of commitment.

We realise that you only get out of life what you put in, and this is the bond that brings women forward to help our community not only for the present but also for the future.

We would love to welcome new people onto the Ladies Guild, any time!

Sharon Hart (0161 903 9123) sharon@hart-family.net or
Clare Savinson (0161 980 3135) csavinson@hotmail.com for more details.