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A Jewish community is built on chesed – kindness to others – and this is particularly tested in times of crisis and difficulty. Support services are offered to families experiencing a birth (Baby Essentials) or a bereavement (Chevra Kadisha)

ChesedIn Hale, we rally together to provide both physical and moral support to those who tell us they need it. Calls to the Shule office are treated with confidentiality and sympathy, and the Rabbi and Ruthie endeavour to be available to provide a listening ear and to instigate appropriate pastoral care at first instance.

ChesedThey are assisted by a Chesed committee of men and women who, guided by the Rabbi, undertake to provide the necessary support to anyone experiencing difficulties on an on-going basis. The Bikur Cholim team takes on the mitzvah (holy task) of visiting the sick, and the Meals team can be asked to provide food for families where appropriate. Emergency financial support may also be available in certain cases through the Rabbi and in complete confidence, and he works closely with the professional staff of the Manchester Jewish Federation (known locally as The Fed).

If you know anyone who would appreciate support of one form or another from the Chesed committee at this time, please contact either the Rabbi or Martin Glyn via the Shule Office.

Medical emergencies will soon be covered by a local team of Jewish paramedics, who will be on-call to help families from the community when the Hale Hatzala Network is launched.